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  • $59 for dental exam, x-rays (value up to $365 or insurance will pay) on your first visit.
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  • $69 including Exam , X-ray and oral cancer screening

Dr. Behradnia and a patient


                               Some of Our Patient Testimonials

By Marcos M. on Yelp 


When I was searching on Yelp for dental services in Santa Rosa, I first experienced dissapointment reading so many negative comments throughout the site. Nonetheless, I spotted  Ez Smile Family Dental Group, and I read many good reviews about them. Besides, I got very interested in their Dental Plan for affordable dental coverage, knowing  that I was going to spend a considerable amount of money repairing my mouth. 
Those good reviews, decided me to give it a try and I scheduled a visit. I was welcome by Dr. Payam Behradnia, who is the CEO, he made a very comprehensive anylisis and diagnosis of my situation, which was critical: a tooth was missing, a crown  had been broken and was lost and consequently, I was having enormous pain chewing, which was preventing me from eating well. I was even getting headaches. Dr. Behradnia prepared that same day a thorough dental healthcare plan very well structured and organized by logical phases. The plan was presented and explanined to detail to me by Phil, who is accurate and assertive taking care of the administrative aspects, billing and scheduling.
I was thinking It was going to cost me a leg and an arm, and It would have, but thanks to their EZ plan I could obtain signigicantly lower rates for the many procedures awaiting. I agreed and went ahead. I signed for the plan and began a 4 phases program that was completed over the spam of 2 months.
Doctor Sergio Monraz was assigned to my case and I am very glad about it. He is a total professional, kind, gentle and experienced. Dr. Monraz is excellent communicating with the patient, checking constantly for needs or for pain. He saw me in almost weekly basis to perfom these procedures: 2 root canals, deep cleaning my entire mouth, 4 crowns 1 bridge and 2 fillings. Finaly, I obtained a night dental guard due to my bruxism. The materials they use are the latest generation made with zirconia and specialized for people like me suffering of bruxism. The pieces have the most natural look. The bridge fuses 3 teeth  to cover the space left empty by the missing tooth. Both Doctors Monraz and Behradnia assured me the crowns and bridge made of zirconia won’t brake due to excess grinding because of my bruxism. If anything they would just pop up. To prevent that, I got a costume made night guard that is flexible and is easy to wear, fits perfectly, makes me feel protected and it doesn’t bulge like the previous ones I had made of hard plastic. The timings during the whole process where accurate, no delays!
After all the work was done, I began noticing all the changes: I was pain free!! Able to safely chew my meals. No more pains or headaches! I regained the ability to open my mouth widely and confidently to smile and laugh. I began feeling  more confident and secure. My complete gratitude to you Dr. Monraz and all the team of professionals at Ez family; all of them make your visit a pleasant experience, they are friendly, attentive and  willing to help you. I am convinced  my choice was right. I made a good investment in my dental health through the services of EZ Smile Family Dental Group. I widely recommed to you their services

By  Dennis C. on Yelp 

So happy I found your office. Everyone was so helpful and patient Everything was done so quickly and without pain… It was a wonderful experience. Looking forward to the next visit. Everyone was smiling!!!! A great team !!!!
Thanks Dr B!!!

By Jenny P.  on

Excellent service I’m so happy. Thanks for all.

By Lynda F. on

Very Happy with Dr. B and Staff .As a nervous patient who’s avoided dentists for a few years, I needed to go back to repair a tooth. While going to the dentist is never a pleasant experience for me, the staff at Dr. B’s office was fantastic, and so is Dr. Behradnia. They went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and

By Azita H. on Yelp  


The Best Dentists and staff!!! I drive from the East Bay just to see Dr. Payam Behradnia , who has been the best thing that happened to this office!
The front office is so helpful and she is a wonderful patient Advocate that works with your insurance to assure the highest quality care!   I have always feared going to the dentist but now I look forward to going in to see Dr. Payam!  I Highly recommend this Dentist!  The staff are very friendly and helpful!!!  I can’t stop smiling!