Meet Dr. Monraz

Picture of Dr. Sergio Monraz

Dr. Sergio Monraz  Doctor of Dental Surgery graduated from UCLA dental school in 1990.  He has been practicing dentistry for more than  25 years in USA and Mexico .  He maintained a solo practice in Windsor, California for 18 years.  He fostered a motivating work environment and promoted open communications, resulting in high performance and staff retention. He is a 20 year Member of the American Dental Association, California Dental Association and a board member of The Redwood Dental Society since 2000.  He is a dedicated and dynamic dentist with extensive experience providing expert dental treatment, exceptional patient skills, and is focused on restorative treatment and care, as well as preventative management.  Dr. Monraz joined EZ Smile Family Dental Group in 2015 as a Self-Employed Associate .